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Our students well-being and academic success is of the utmost importance at East Point Academy. Nurse Stewart and Nurse Blackwell are the dynamic duo that help keep our students happy, healthy and learning. School nurses provide assessment of acute illness and chronic condition management during the school day, as well as administer prescribed medication and medical treatments.

DHEC School Exclusions (When to stay home.)

Hand Washing Guidelines

Head Lice Information for Parents – CDC

Head Lice Information for Parents – DHEC

Healthroom Operations

School Medication Administration Form

Self Medication & Self Monitoring Form (Health Practitioner)

Self Medication & Self Monitoring Form (Parent)

Medical Homebound

When our students are too ill to attend school, we make it a priority to keep their education progressing forward with our medical homebound program.  For questions pertaining to medical homebound, contact Ms. Barbara Jolley,