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EAST POINT ACADEMY/ 2020 - 2021/ SCHOOL MEDICATION MEMO NO medication can be dropped off at either front desk without a medication form accompanying the drug. We do not take possession of medication without a completed School Medication Administration Form signed by the Physician and Parent. Medications CAN NOT be sent to school with students in backpacks or lunch boxes and must be dropped off by a responsible adult to the front office. Please see PAGE 2 of the EPA School Medication Administration Form posted on the EPA webpage, under Parents, and Health Services tab for instructions. Because of COVID-19 we will only be administering prescription medications to students. No over-the-counter medications will be accepted, as these should be given at home by the parent or guardian. Students are not allowed to carry medications in their backpack or lunchbox unless it is part of their IHP/Individualized Health Plan. Medical documentation is REQUIRED in formulating all IHP’s. In rare circumstances, OTC medications could be part of the students IHP. All IHP meetings will be done via conference call this year with parents and guardians. Please direct all medication questions to Nurse Marcia Blackwell or Nurse Stewart. Lastly, EPA has ALWAYS BEEN A NUT FREE SCHOOL, meaning no peanut butter products, i.e. no PBJ/peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candies with nuts, raw nuts, etc. Sunbutter or Sunflower Seed Butter is an alternative for students with nut allergies who love their PBJ sandwiches at school. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help. Nurse Stewart and Nurse Blackwell


Our students well-being and academic success is of the utmost importance at East Point Academy. Nurse Stewart and Nurse Blackwell are the dynamic duo that help keep our students happy, healthy and learning. School nurses provide assessment of acute illness and chronic condition management during the school day, as well as administer prescribed medication and medical treatments.

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Medical Homebound

When our students are too ill to attend school, we make it a priority to keep their education progressing forward with our medical homebound program.  For questions pertaining to medical homebound, contact Ms. Barbara Jolley,