Peachjar Flyer Distribution

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East Point Academy Flyer Approval Guidelines

Generally, flyers will be approved that inform parents about programs, events or activities that benefit our students and families and programs or events that are youth-related or related to youth education. We reserve the right to turn down flyer distribution for any reason.

Flyers must not:

  • include obscene, vulgar or indecent text or images.
  • proselytize or promote an event that will include proselytizing.
  • espouse a viewpoint on political candidates or political agenda.
  • disrupt the educational process.
  • include material that is defamatory
  • violate the rights of others.
  • promote registration at other schools or compete with East Point programs.
  • infringe on a copyright.

The following information must be on flyers:

  • sponsoring organization’s full name
  • sponsoring organization’s address
  • sponsoring organization’s email address
  • sponsoring organization’s telephone number
  • sponsoring organization’s web site

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The following disclaimer must appear on each copy of the flyer:

Distribution of this flyer through official school channels does not imply endorsement or support from East Point Academy or the South Carolina Public Charter School District.

Information for Posting A Flyer

Peachjar manages flyer distribution on behalf of East Point Academy using the latest electronic communication technology. To post a flyer, organizations must register at, select the East Point Academy and upload the flyer. If you would like to send information to East Point Academy employees, you can select East Point Academy the flyer uploading process and then select East Point Academy employees during the next step of the flyer uploading process. The flyer is then automatically sent to the school for approval. Once approved, the flyer is posted to a school’s Peachjar site and the flyer is delivered to all parents’ email addresses. Once a flyer is posted to the school’s Peachjar site, parents can also view the flyer by clicking on the Peachjar logo on the school website.

Official East Point groups and clubs can usually always post and distribute their flyers, newsletters and important information at no cost. Community organizations (non-profit) may post a flyer without charge through Peachjar (subject to school approval) provided the flyer contains information about a community event that is held without charge to attendees and does not lead to a participation fee or serve as an enticement to buy products or services.

East Point Academy works with community organizations to make information about activities or services and enrichment opportunities available to families providing their material meets our standards. East Point Academy does not distribute fliers directly to students. East Point Academy makes approved electronic fliers available to parents through Peachjar and refers to Peachjar all requests from groups or individuals who would like to make their information about activities or enrichment services available to East Point Academy students. Community organizations and enrichment providers (both for profit and non-profit) are subject to Peachjar’s service fee when they post a flyer to promote/announce and activity/event with a participation fee. This also happens when the flyer describes an event that is held without charge for the purpose of enticing attendees to buy products or services or to participate in a fee-based program or activity. Peachjar charges outside organizations a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost the organization would pay to make printed copies of the flyer. Organizations can see pricing and discount information on Peachjar’s website or contact Peachjar customer service for pricing and discount information at 858-997-2117 or click on the service fees link below.

Information for Parents

East Point Academy uses an electronic flyer distribution program called Peachjar. Peachjar replaces paper flyers. Through Peachjar, the school can send e-flyers to its families and outside organizations can send approved e-flyers to all families in the district. These e-flyers are also posted on           the school website for at least one month. Look for the Peachjar link on your school’s website. If you provided your email address to your school on your student’s contact information form this year, a Peachjar account has been established for you. You should receive an email from Peachjar with your login information. This is provided so that you can manage your account and flyer delivery preferences. You do not need to log in to receive or view e-flyers. If you are not receiving emails from Peachjar, there are two possible reasons for this:

  • Your email address is not on file with your school. Let your school office know to add your email address to the contact form. You can also visit the FAQs below for other instructions on adding your email address to the Peachjar distribution list or resetting your password.
  • The Peachjar emails are going into your spam folder or you can’t see the images in the email. To prevent the e-flyers from going into your spam folder, add “” to your email contacts. When you receive your first e-flyer, be sure to click “always display images.”

Peachjar is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.