Language Immersion

At East Point Academy native Mandarin speakers teach our students in 50% of their curriculum areas.

ETV’s American Graduate highlighted East Point Academy in their special on what immersion education
looks like.

This includes math, Mandarin, and science. Other related arts classes, such as, Chinese Dance and fine art are taught using Mandarin instruction. These are certified teachers, who have earned their elementary education degrees at local universities or in specialized subject areas at universities abroad.  The other 50% of their day is taught by SC certified teachers. English speaking instruction is given in Language arts and social studies. Physical education, music and Gifted and Talented (MANTIS) are also taught in English.

East Point Academy also partners with the Han Ban Institute in Bejing, China and the Confucius Institute at the University of South Carolina to allow top tier college students from China to live in the United States and teach at East Point Academy for an academic year. These student teachers compete hard for this opportunity and are screened thoroughly to meet the needs of our school. They are partnered with our teaching staff to aid in daily classroom experiences.

Students learn cultural awareness as they are introduced to customs and experiences of teachers they look up to and have built relationships with.  Our students also celebrate both American and Chinese holidays such as the Mid-Autumn festival and Chinese New Year. While we do enrich our educational experiences with cultural awareness we do not include any religious elements in our educational format.