Our Approach

East Point Academy recognizes the need for innovative education.

That’s why we offer Mandarin language immersion using a 50/50 model, incorporating the best in eastern and western teaching techniques along with up-to-date technology and researched teaching practices.

Personalized learning through small classes, bilingual language instruction in English and Chinese by certified teachers, civic engagement, cultural and social awareness activities, and parental involvement gives students the personal attention and extra help they need to succeed in the classroom and in society.

With our charter school status we are able to set academic standards that exceed SC public school standards.

Our students benefit from a rigorous, innovative, and learner-centered project based curriculum, including inquiry-based instruction to acquire, organize, and communicate information and to solve problems.

The mission of East Point Academy is to prepare students for academic and personal success through proficiency in English and Mandarin Chinese, math, science and social studies while learning in an atmosphere that promotes cultural sharing and understanding.

East Point Academy is a TansformSC Profiles of a South Carolina Graduate school.