East Point Academy takes top honors at the Palmetto State Chinese Star Contest

February 28, 2018 – Students of East Point Academy (EPA) participated in the 9th Annual Palmetto State Chinese Star Contest at Presbyterian College on Saturday, February 24, taking home first, second and third place awards, with 16 performances from 15 of their students.

The Palmetto State Chinese Star Contest provides a stage for students in colleges and K-12 schools of South Carolina to compete in two categories of Chinese language and culture: a language proficiency competition and a cultural performance competition.

EPA students put on an spectacular display of talent,  showcasing the Mandarin language skills they have amassed over the course of study at the school. Alex Jiang, an 8th grader who brought home a third place award, said, “This competition was so much fun. I was so impressed with the talents of my fellow students.”

In the Language Proficiency Competition, first place went to Jadon Page for the telling of The Zebra that Loves Pink, second place awards went to Jordan Pompey for the tongue twister Da Cu Mai Bu, and Samuel Waters for his American in Beijing skit, and third place awards went to K’liyah Taylor for the telling of  Bet with Teacher, Madeline Auvil for reciting the poem Shen Nv Feng, Emilie Knapp for reciting the poem Farewell to Cambridge Again, Alex Jiang for reciting the poem Nostalgia, Lily Blum for the telling of Where is Spot, and Serenity Hoyt for the tongue twister Wolf and Sheep.

In the Cultural Performance Competition (i.e. vocal or instrumental performance, poem recital, martial arts, calligraphy, taichi, etc.), first place went to Emilie Knapp for her Chinese dance performance of A Farewell Letter, second place awards went to Kendall Givens for her Chinese dance performance of Alishan Girl, Zoe Partin and Cathryn Barkman for their Chinese dance performance of Red Fan, and third place awards went to Lily Blum for her Chinese dance performance of Jasmine Flower, Saba Pontens-Alemu for the Chinese dance performance of In My Singing, Emily Zheng for the Chinese dance performance of Save Lilang Going Home, and Michael Glymph for his calligraphy of Good Luck in the Year of Dog.

Emily Knapp also took home top honors with the title of Future Palmetto Star.