East Point Academy and Davis Orthodontics Team Up Against Bullying

Over 740 students at East Point Academy collaborated on a sign making project designed to encourage students to choose kindness and speak up against bullying, as part of October’s Bullying Prevention Month activities.

Each homeroom, at both the elementary and middle campuses, received a blank yard sign and some art supplies and worked as a team to create a one-of-a-kind sign to help spread the message. When the classes completed the project, the signs were displayed throughout the car line, so that students and parents alike could read the messages as they arrived and departed each day.

The project was sponsored by Davis Orthodontics.

“Kids of all ages are affected by many types of bullying. At Davis Orthodontics, we are sensitive to these issues. I wanted to create a project that would bring discussion about how what we say and do affects those around us,” said Dr. Ed Davis.

Davis proposed the partnership to East Point Academy Head of School Mark Bounds, who was quick to jump on board.

“At East Point Academy, our motto is ‘Be nice. Work hard.’ so this project was a natural fit. We are always looking for ways to reinforce the Panda Core Values. Our students really enjoyed working on the project and it brought about productive conversation on how students can play an active role in stamping out bullying,” said Bounds.

When the signs were displayed, staff members voted on a winner for each campus. Ms. Nikki Dixon’s second grade class was the elementary winner with a sign that read ‘Kind is the New Cool’.

The middle campus winner was Ms. Jodie Eish’s Algebra I class, with as sign featuring the words ‘Never Bully’ in both English and Mandarin Chinese. As a Mandarin immersion school, the addition of the Chinese characters was instinctual.

“Bullying peaks during the middle school years, so I’m glad to see East Point taking a stand against it. Activities like this help create a culture of kindness. I love that we are providing an atmosphere where all students can feel safe to learn and grow,” said Eish.

The winning homerooms each will receive a pizza party for their efforts, but the real prize is something much more valuable.

“I enjoyed making the sign. It is important that you don’t be mean to people. I pledge to be nice to everyone and will work hard at helping others who need friends,” said fourth grader Maggie Cole.

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