EPA to Hold 2018 Board of Directors Election

Each spring, East Point Academy holds elections for the Board of Directors. All elected seats are filled by EPA parents and the remaining appointed seats may be filled by community members or parents. This year we have three seats that will be filled by election and another two seats that will be filled by appointment.

We encourage all parents who are interested in serving in this meaningful way, especially those who are native Mandarin speakers, to apply. The application can be downloaded by clicking here

Applications will be available to candidates beginning February 1 on the EPA Facebook page, Bloomz and on the EPA website. Applications are due by March 15th at 3 PM and must be hand delivered to the front office at the elementary campus. The application term has been extended until April 13th for native Mandarin speakers only. 

Elections will take place on April 25 & 26. Each household gets one vote per child enrolled at EPA and must vote at the campus of their oldest child. Staff members each get one vote. Staff members who also have children enrolled will get a vote as a staff member and an additional vote for each child enrolled.

Please see the board bylaws for a detailed layout of election protocol. https://eastpointsc.org/about-epa/board-of-directors/bylaws/ If you have questions, please email Board Chair, Joan Hoffman at jhoffman@eastpointsc.org.

More information on the appointment portion of the election cycle will be forthcoming.

February 1 – The Board Application is made available to parents via EPA Facebook Page, Bloomz & EPA Website.

March 15 – All Board Candidate Applications are due by 3 pm (must be hand delivered).

April 25 & 26 – Board Elections are held at both schools.