Cracking the Case: Gifted and Talented Students at East Point Academy Attempt to Hatch Free-Range Eggs!


[West Columbia, South Carolina]- Gifted and talented students from the Mandarin immersion charter school East Point Academy are undertaking an exciting project to explore the possibility of hatching free-range store-bought eggs. Using a high-quality egg incubator, the third-grade students are closely monitoring more than two dozen eggs through the hatching process.

Under the guidance of their teacher, the students are documenting their observations and progress as they carefully maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels needed for the eggs to hatch. This hands-on experience has captured the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm as they learn about the scientific process, animal development, and patience.

“The students are highly engaged in this project, and it’s been energizing to witness their curiosity and eagerness to learn,” said Erika Whitlow, the class’s teacher. “Through this project, they’re gaining critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the world around them.”

This egg-hatching project is part of East Point Academy’s commitment to experiential learning and providing students with real-world projects. The gifted and talented program at East Point Academy focuses on developing critical thinking skills and empowering students to learn through hands-on experiences.

East Point Academy is thrilled to support the third-graders in their egg-hatching investigation and looks forward to seeing the results.

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Erika Whitlow
Information and Events Coordinator
East Point Academy