Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Position  Email 
Allman, Sarah  5K sallman@eastpointsc.org
Anderson, Channing Middle School Language Arts canderson@eastpointsc.org
Anderson, Elease PE eanderson@eastpointsc.org
Baughman, Guo (Ann) Cafeteria baughman@eastpointsc.org
Billie, Romira Custodial rbillie@eastpointsc.org
Blackwell-Boyd, Karen Guidance kblackwellboyd@eastpointsc.org
Boiteau, Jean Related Arts jboiteau@eastpointsc.org
Bounds, Mark Head of School mbounds@eastpointsc.org
Brigman, Michelle 5K Assistant mbrigman@eastpointsc.org
Chen, Yihao CI Teacher ychen@eastpointsc.org
Christ, Kim Media Contact/Public Relations kchrist@eastpointsc.org
Chuang, Chuan Cheng (Chase) 5th Grade and Middle School cchuang@eastpointsc.org
Cuevas, Rebecca 1st Grade rcuevas@eastpointsc.org
Dennis, Dwede Receptionist ddennis@eastpointsc.org
Dixon, Michelle 2nd Grade mdixon@eastpointsc.org
Dong, Yinghao (Doreen) Dance ydong@eastpointsc.org
Du, Ying (Fiona) Mandarin Curriculum ydu@eastpointsc.org
Flanagan, Wendy 4K wflanagan@eastpointsc.org
Ford, Alyson RTI/SPED aford@eastpointsc.org
Fowler, Amber 3rd Grade afowler@eastpointsc.org
Fowler, Chris 5th Grade cfowler@eastpointsc.org
Fryrear, Robin Nurse rfryrear@eastpointsc.org
Gamble, Kim Primary Related Arts kgamble@eastpointsc.org
Gao, Qi (Kiki) 5K qgao@eastpointsc.org
Gladden, Pam Custodian pgladden@eastpointsc.org
Goss, Karen 1st Grade kgoss@eastpointsc.org
Green, Toneka Curriculum Coordinator tgreen@eastpointsc.org
Gresham, Tiffany  5K tgresham@eastpointsc.org
Hadley, Kim 2nd Grade khadley@eastpointsc.org
 Hsu, Jung-Chieh Music/Strings jshu@eastpointsc.org
Huang, Yuchen 4th and 5th Grade Science yhuang@eastpointsc.org
Hutto, Dana Assistant Principal dhutto@eastpointsc.org
Jenkins, Kayela 4K Assistant kjenkins@eastpointsc.org
Johnson, Nicole 4th/5th Grades njohnson@eastpointsc.org
Johnson, Shante MANTIS sjohnson@eastpointsc.org
Jolley, Barbara RTI/SPED bjolley@eastpointsc.org
Jolley, Walter After Care wjolley@eastpointsc.org
Leonard, Pamela IT pleonard@eastpointsc.org
Li, John Financial Coordinator jli@eastpointsc.org
Li, Junlan 4th Grade jlli@eastpointsc.org
Lin, Zhu CI Teacher zlin@eastpointsc.org
Lindstrom, Aimee Middle School Math alindstrom@eastpointsc.org
Liu, Aoxue 2nd Grade aliu@eastpointsc.org
Liu, Hang 2nd Grade hliu@eastpointsc.org
Lu, Di Middle School Mandarin dilu@eastpointsc.org
Lu, Xian Mei Cafeteria xlu@eastpointsc.org
Ma, Dongdon (Faith) 1st Grade dma@eastpointsc.org
Martin, Andy Food Services amartin@eastpointsc.org
McElvain, Herbert Middle School Social Studies hmcelvain@eastpointsc.org
Miller, Tori Executive Sec/ HR tmiller@eastpointsc.org
Motta, Irena IT/Media Center Assistant imotta@eastpointsc.org
Mount, Leighton 3rd Grade lmount@eastpointsc.org
Nagle, Megan Middle School Language Arts mnagle@eastpointsc.org
Paris, Stacy Assistant Principal sparis@eastpointsc.org
Petroff, Lolly Media Specialist lpetroff@eastpointsc.org
Prince, Cynthia SPED cprince@eastpointsc.org
Proctor, Thomas Middle School Science tproctor@eastpointsc.org
Rabon, Dawn Registrar drabon@eastpointsc.org
Reed, Dave Assistant Principal dreed@eastpointsc.org
Roper, Amy Communications/Parent Advocate aroper@eastpointsc.org
Smith, Lisa Federal Programs lsmith@eastpointsc.org
Stewart, Tara Nurse tstewart@eastpointsc.org
Storey, Sherry Primary Campus Receptionist sstorey@eastpointsc.org
Stroud, Valerie Reading Coach vstroud@eastpointsc.org
Sturkie, Ashley Powerschool Administrator asturkie@eastpointsc.org
Sun, Christina 5k csun@eastpointsc.org
Swan, Karla Instructional Coach/Math Interventionist kswan@eastpointsc.org
Wang, Huihuan (Heather) 2nd Grade hwang@eastpointsc.org
Wang, Jiaoyue (Annie) 1st grade awang@eastpointsc.org
Wang, Jiexi (Jessie) 5th Grade jwang@eastpointsc.org
Wang, Yisha Art ywang@eastpointsc.org
Watson, Stephanie 4K swatson@eastpointsc.org
White, Jordan PE jwhite@eastpointsc.org
Yuan, Hua Drama hyuan@eastpointsc.org
Yuan, Yue (Luna) 3rd Grade lyuan@eastpointsc.org
Zhang, Han (Hattie) 1st Grade hzhang@eastpointsc.org
Zhao, Lige (Callie) 4th Grade lzhao@eastpointsc.org