Staff Directory

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Staff List
Allman Sarah 5K
Anderson Elease PE
Anderson Channing Technology Integrations Specialist
Barber Isaac Middle School Social Studies
Baughman Ann Cafeteria Staff
Bernardo Christina 4th
Blackwell Marcia Nurse
Blum-Hiott Lori Media Assistant
Bounds Mark Head of School
Brigman Michelle 5K Assistant
Chapman Karla Math Interventionist/Teacher
Chen Yihao Dance
Chuang Chuan 4th
Cox Corwin Middle Campus Facility Manager
Cuevas Rebecca 1st
Dennis Dwede Receptionist
Dixon Nikki 2nd
Dowling Erica Reading Coach
Flanagan Wendy 4K
Fowler Chris 5th
Gamble Kim Related Arts
Gao Qi 1st
Gladden Pam Custodian
Green Toneka Chief Academic Officer
Gresham Tiffany 5K
Hadley Kim 2nd
Hart Andy Chief Business Officer
Hsu Jung-Chieh Music
Huang Yuchen Science
Jackson Gwendolyn Custodian
Jackson Jarvais 5th
Jenkins Kayela 5K Assistant
Johnson Shante’ Gifted and Talented
Jolley Barbara RTI
Jolley Walter ISS
Jones Robert Custodian
Lacey Camille Related Arts
Leonard Pam IT Coordinator
Li Junlan Assistant Principal – Mandarin
Lindstrom Aimee Middle School Math
Liu Shan CI
Liu Qiaohang CI
Lu Di Middle School Mandarin
Lu Xian Mei Cafeteria Staff
Ma Dongdong 1st
Manning Gail Custodian
Martin Andy Nutrition Liaison
Matthews Melanie MS ELA
Maxfield Don Elementary Facility Manager
Miller Tori Human Resources Coordinator
Moseley Bruce Assistant Principal – Middle
Motta Iryna IT Assistant
Mount Leighton 3rd
Nagle Megan Middle School ELA
Paris Stacy Federal Programs Coordinator
Pembleton Richard 5K Assistant
Pepin Heather 4th
Prince Cynthia SPED Coordinator
Queen Jennifer 1st
Rabon Dawn Registrar
Roper Amy Public Information & Development Coordinator
Stewart Tara Nurse
Storey Sherry Middle School Receptionist
Sun Daling CI
Sun Chao 5K
Wang Annie 2nd
Wang Heather 2nd
Wang Jiexi 5th
Wang Yisha Art
Watson Tamara Middle School Science
Watson Stephanie 4K
White Jordan PE
Yuan Hua Drama
Yuan Yue 3rd
Zhang Han 3rd
Zhang Rui CI
Zhao Lige 4th
Zhu Lin 4K