Visual Arts

East Point Academy is a Chinese Immersion Charter School, the culture of our art program is focused on global learning, such as the arts from different cultures and the influence from the world. Our art program follows South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards for Visual Arts Proficiency.  It’s also based on the idea that art can be used as a powerful tool to help students to learn and grow. 

Our arts’ teachers work closely with classroom teachers to develop multi-layered projects that add new angles to the subjects they are teaching. Through projects, we not only follow the art standards, but also integrate with core subjects knowledge. This way we can help students to learn, review and make connections on the knowledge they have learned. Also, through art creation, they are not only learning art techniques and skills of traditional and contemporary, but also processing the materials deeply,  investigating artistic methods, developing problem solving skills and self-confidence building skills. We encourage our students to expand and enrich their imagination and critical- thinking skills. 

East Point Academy provides students opportunities to understand and appreciate art during an art field trip to the Columbia Museum of Art. For the past 3 years, we have had the great opportunities to explore and study from Columbia Museum of Art’s collections and exhibitions for 1st, 5th, Middle School and afterschool art programs. 

 Also we provide our students great opportunities and encourage them to participate in art exhibitions and contests. Our students have won multiple awards through state and national art contests.  

Middle School Art has 3 different level classes for students. They are Introduction to Visual Art I, Intermediate Visual Art II and Advanced Visual Art III . These courses are progressive in difficulty. All visual arts courses are project-based and provide students with various art styles, movements, techniques, tools, materials and cultural influence.