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Rigorous Academics with a Global Focus.

East Point Academy is a remarkable place for students to learn and grow. Our Panda Core Values shape the school’s culture which can be summed up in four words “Be Nice, Work Hard.” With an eye on simplicity, our Academic Philosophy can be summed up in only six words: “Rigorous Academics with a Global Focus.” Students, teachers, parents and staff work together to make East Point Academy a school where every person is valued and encouraged to be his or her best.

Superior academics and language acquisition are complimentary co-equals at East Point Academy. High academic standards and a comprehensive language immersion program go hand-in-hand in ensuring students have a rich and full educational experience while mastering a second language. Students are immersed in the Mandarin language while exposing them to many other cultures. Our “Going Global” initiative brings community representatives into the school who represent different cultures, countries or regions of the world. Students get to hear from natives of those areas first hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling for the current school year, please fill out an application at https://eastpointsc.org/apply/applicationenrollment/ . All families are required to tour the school prior to transferring, so be prepared to set one up.
If you are interested in enrolling for the 2022/2023 school year, Open Enrollment will begin in January. Follow us on Facebook and connect to our ParentSquare community https://www.parentsquare.com/community_signups/ede18f40-4731-41ca-872b-0903d72aa728/new to get the latest information on our Open House and Enrollment process.

What does it take to be accepted?

Since we are a public school, we accept all students. If we have more applicants than spaces, we will hold a public lottery.

How much does it cost to attend?

East Point Academy is a FREE public charter school. It costs nothing for students 5K-8th to attend. Our 4K program is tuition-based.

What grade levels do you serve?

East Point Academy serves grades 4K-8th across their Elementary and Middle campuses.

How does Immersion work?

Students at the Elementary Campus are taught core subjects of Math and Science in Mandarin in addition to specific Mandarin language instruction. Every student from first grade to fifth grade also takes Art, Drama, Music and Dance in the Mandarin language.

At the Middle Campus, students receive intense language instruction focused on improving their language fluency. Our students are progressing in their language acquisition while excelling in their core content classes. In addition to an academic pathway for advanced Mandarin learners, the Middle Campus has a novice track in Mandarin and Spanish for new middle school students. We are excited that our departing 8th grade students are matriculating to high school with up to four credits in World Language.

Why Mandarin?

There are lots of great reasons for Chinese immersion. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over a billion native speakers. South Carolina is commonly referred to as the gateway to the east due to the vast amount of both imports and exports that are traded through the state every year.

A growing number of Chinese companies are building factories and home offices in South Carolina. Next to the United States, China is the second-largest economy in the world. Additionally, students who learn Mandarin through immersion reap the host of lifelong benefits.

A bilingual brain is more alert, quicker and better able to deal with complex issues and conflict resolution. This is especially true for pictographic languages such as Mandarin Chinese. Through Mandarin immersion cognitive skills related to language and other subjects are strongly improved. Studies also show that students who became bilingual at an early age have less of a chance of getting dementia and other degenerative diseases.

At the Middle Campus level, students can choose between Mandarin or Spanish.

Does Immersion negatively impact student learning?

No. East Point Academy students excel on state summative assessments, being ranked as one of the top schools in South Carolina. Accolades for East Point Academy include:
Best Charter School (2018, 2019, 2020) – Niche.com
Best Charter School (2018, 2019, 2020) – The State Newspaper
Best Charter or Private School (2018) and Best Charter School (2019 and 2021) – Free Times
School of Distinction – SC Public Charter School District
Palmetto Gold and Silver School – SC Department of Education
Arts in the Basic Curriculum (ABC) School – South Carolina Arts Commission
GreenSteps Environmental School – Environmental Education Association of South Carolina

Do you offer sports, clubs, or after school care?

East Point Academy has a full complement of extracurricular programs. Our athletic opportunities include competition archery, cross country and basketball teams, intramural sports, various sports camps, Run Hard Club, cheer, and gymnastics. 

East Point Academy arts opportunities include Dance Team, Honors Chorus, Drama Club, Dance Club, piano, guitar, and strings.  Other extracurricular options are BETA club, Student Council, Film Club, leadership clubs for both young men and ladies, Panda Press, Green Team Recycling Club, Chinese Conversation Club, Tech Team, Global Ambassadors and many others.  

Horizons Afterschool Experience provides a space for students to complete homework, connect with peers, and receive academic enrichment daily. Horizons begins after school and runs until 6pm each day.  It was recently named one of the top after school programs in the area.

How long has East Point been open?

East Point just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Previous Board Members, parent leaders and community members came together to recognize the significant successes of the school. In those few short years, East Point Academy went from 89 to nearly 800 students and cemented its reputation as a top tier school. It’s an exciting time at East Point Academy, as we live up to our motto of “Merging Cultures, Inspiring Minds, Expanding Horizons!”

What is a charter school?

The large majority of public schools are traditional, meaning your student is zoned to a particular school and receives free transportation to and from the school. Some school districts have magnet schools, which are choice programs that a student can apply for and may or may not be accepted/invited to attend. Charter schools are also public schools, but unlike magnet schools, they cannot have any admissions criteria outside of the requirement to be a resident of South Carolina. Charter schools usually have some sort of “innovative theme,” such as language immersion, environmental studies, or Montessori programming. In addition, charter schools have elected boards at the school level that decide on policies and make decisions that are normally addressed at the district level in the traditional school setting.