Media Center

Welcome to the EPA Media Center! 

Here at EPA, both staff and students can find both a quiet workspace and a dynamic literacy experience. We aim to support school curriculum and bridge learning gaps through the promotion of children’s literature

Library users can collaborate with peers, explore new ideas, and discover that next great book. We believe in supporting each student’s unique relationship with literacy by creating an environment that celebrates diversity and connects each student with just the right book to suit their individual needs. To fulfill this role, we have over 12,000 book titles available between our two campuses, including children’s picture books, beginner books, chapter books, graphic novels, nonfiction, and Mandarin language texts. We pride ourself in maintaining a quality library collection that is both interesting and relevant to our students’ lives and educational journey. Students in 5K and 1st grade may borrow one book at a time and students in 2nd – 8th grade may check out up to 3 books in both English and Mandarin. We do not do late fees however students are responsible for caring for the books they borrow and will be held financially accountable for any books lost or returned in poor condition.