Panda Core Values

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The Panda Core Values are at the Center of all we do at e East Point Academy. They are the guiding principals for our students, staff and families.

P - Place an emphasis on service to others.

We will:

  • share our time and talents with others.
  • find positive ways to contribute to our classmates and school.
  • think about how our actions make others feel.

A - Always tell the truth.

We will:

  • be honest with ourselves and others.
  • demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions.

N - Never be a bully.

We will:

  • be nice to others.
  • treat others the way that we would like to be treated.

D - Do our best in school.

We will:

  • work hard.
  • complete all our school assignments and homework.
  • be reliable.

A - Always be respectful of ourselves, others and our school.

We will:

  • treat others with dignity.
  • behave well in class.
  • value our cultural differences.
  • take good care of our school property.