School meal payments and menus

Dear Parent or Guardian, 

We now have a new Point of Sale system for meals purchased at East Point Academy that allows us to utilize the K12 Payment Center. The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your account that will allow you to see your students balances and make payments. 

If you have already created a K12 Payment Center Account please log in and skip to Step 3. 

1. Go to the following website

 2. Click on Sign Up! and complete the required information. Note- the District will be East Point Academy 

3. Once you finish creating your account you can click on Manage Students then click on + Add Student Note- Please disregard the statement “unique 8 to 9 digit number” statement in the “+Add Student” section, some students will have less that 8 digits for their student number 

4. Next you will enter the student number provided on Powerschool and the student’s last name and click Save Note- You do not need to create a K12 Payment Center Account if you have multiple students at East Point Academy. 

5. If you have multiple students at EPA, simply repeat Step 3. and 4. and enter that student’s Student Number and last name. 

6. To set up payments through the K12 Payment Center you can simply click on Manage Wallet, and enter a credit card. 

Note-We are no longer taking payments for Student Lunch Fees through the East Point Academy website’s Pay Online Tab. You may however pay for Lunch Fees at the front office of either campus with cash or check

Menu Website

The link below will provide you with the East Point Academy menus.

Items may be subject to change as delivery issues arise. We will do our best to notify parents as these changes occur. We appreciate your patience, especially during these first few days.