Science Labs and Technology

Science is a very important part of the curriculum at East Point.

Our students participate in science every day.

Science is taught in both Mandarin and English. The science teacher team teach our students in our science lab with hands on learning and experiments three days a week. The other two days are spent in the child’s classroom teaching science content and concepts.

Our classrooms utilize smartboard technology.

Our classrooms utilize smartboard technology.

The school computer lab has 23 Dells computers with flat screen monitors that were purchased in 2014.  The lab also has a Skyworth  Smart Touch Screen TV that was given to the School by the Confucious Institute.  Students use the computers for information and research utilizing databases available through DISCUS — South Carolina’s virtual library.  Students  in Chinese Literature classes have  been keyboarding compositions using chinese characters.

Gifted and Talented students have use the lab for coding using the hour of code program.  Some students come to the lab for reading practice using technology assisted learning,and math practice using ALEXS.  MAP and other testing is done in the lab.