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All students will have both grade level teachers as their instructors during the day. The school day schedule for 5K, 1st thru 5th grades is as follows:

Students are assigned to a teacher for a short homeroom of 15 minutes where they will review character education two days a week and calendar math three days per week. Group A will have two hours of ELA/Social Studies instruction. During this time, Group B will have 30 minutes of Mandarin direct instruction, 60 minutes of math Mandarin immersion and 30 minutes of Hands on science in Mandarin.

(note that times of lunch, recess, related arts, etc. may change based on the grade level; 3K and 4K follow a different schedule with no change in teachers, shorter instructional segments and extended rest time of at least 30 minutes)



The Chinese Science teacher will co-teach science with our non-Chinese science teacher (30 minutes).  Students have related arts for approx 50 minutes for PE, Art, Music, Classical Dance (1 class each per week).  Students have recess as a grade level together (25 minutes),  lunch together (25 minutes) and 15 minutes of reflection time (free journal writing, choice reading or just resting their heads at their classroom tables as they choose). (The timing of the lunch, recess, reflection sequence changes from grade to grade) . Group B then has 2 hours of ELA instruction and Group A has their Mandarin, math and science instruction.  The last 10 minutes of the day the students are with their homeroom teacher to get papers, pack book bags, etc.

Extended School Day begins at 3:10 with a snack and either free play or guided exercise depending on the grade level.  All students will have an opportunity for free play, guided exercise, homework time and learning extensions (tutoring, Mandarin, special presenters, project based learning) during Extended Day.

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