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Questions Concerning Rolling Backpacks

We have received several inquiries concerning the use of rolling backpacks for the coming school year.

While rolling backpacks have been restricted in our policies in the past, in practice many students have

used them. This year, we are again discouraging use of rolling backpacks for the following reasons; they

create a safety/tripping hazard for students, they createa safety hazard during emergency evacuation

procedures, they create an even heavier burden for students who have class on the second floor, they are

heavier when students do have to pick-up their backpacks and they create an additional maintenance

burden for our custodial staff. However, we understand some parents concern that their child(ren) may

not be able to carry a standard backpack including all their instructional materials. Therefore, we will allow

rolling backpacks at parents discretion. We will monitor this closely to ensure safety of all of our students.